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ruti maker sellsbd easy ruti maker 8.5 inch


Easy comfortable golden color ruti maker rooti maker 8.5x8.5 inch

It's a wooden ruti maker rootimaker, makes rutimaking easy, comfortable and takes just a second to roll a ruti.

It is helpful for those busy ones who find no time to make ruti or are to make a lot of ruti rooti everyday at home.

On the other hand, the women working outside very often fail to manage enough time to make ruti in the morning or don't have energy to make/roll ruti in the evening. This ruti maker will help those housewives and busy ones to make ruti quickly and get relieved of its hassle.

Only one soft pressure for one second on the handle makes a cute round shaped ruti to fry.

Along with the ruti maker, there are two extra plastic cover papers. One is to set on the lower part of the ruti maker and the other to the upper side of the ruti maker so that the ruti will not get stuck to any of the two wooden parts of the machine.

How to make a ruti 

1) Pull up the upper part of the ruti maker using the handle-nob attached left to the upper part



2) Put your ruti dough on the lower part of the ruti maker. The dough is to be set downward to make the ruti thin.

3) Place the upper part onto the dough 

rutimaker bangladesh

4) Draw the handle down, set it on the upper part of the ruti maker and press it lightly for one or two seconds.

5) Pull up the upper part of the ruti maker with the help of the nob handle.

rooti maker

##### Now the ruti is perfectly rolled to fry. Happy ruti making....

Check ruti maker user manual, two extra ruti papers, one handle knob at the time of receiving the ruti maker.

Cash on delivery and home delivery services are available.



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