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Head / Brain Relax Massager

Description of Head / Brain Relax Massager:
Our life is lost somewhere in the storm of hectic schedules, meeting deadlines, stressful tasks, and high demanding jobs. When your brain gets exhausted, you need something that could relax you within no time so that you would be ready for a new challenge.

Presenting to you Brain Relax Messenger, which is designed efficiently to relax your mind by massaging your head. It stimulates the various acupuncture points by the application of pressure over your head. It is

Specifications of Head / Brain Relax Massager:
Color: Gray
Weight: 513 g (with accessories.)
Size: 25 × 18 × 16.4 cm (approx)
Humanized design.
Using three kinds of external power supply.
Power Supply: 220 v electricity and 3 x AAA batteries (not included);
USB connection to the computer;
Adapter connection.
size is adjustable: to target massage
8 types can be set. Senior medical latex soft, massage,
Back uçtasarı me to remove acupuncture points easy slow release.
Outstanding health effects.
Features of Head / Brain Relax Massager:

This kind of Compression Head Messenger comes with intelligent air pressure massage and multi-frequency vibration massage to help relieve tense muscles and promote blood circulation around your head and neck. You can choose your preferred program to experience the full therapeutic effects of the massage.

Relaxation and soothing built-in music:

Loosen up and calm your weary mind with the Head Massager’s built-in music. With 3 distinctive music categories (Well-Being, Ambience, Nature) for your selection, theHead Massager offers you both physical and mental relaxation at the same time. TheHead Massager comes with a pair of earphones and built-in speakers, offering you the alternative to enjoy the music any way you prefer.
Soothing Infrared Heat
It comes with soothing infrared heat to improve circulation and provide instant relief from aches and strain caused by stress or tension, further enhancing the massage effectiveness.

Acupuncture Point Massage:

It massages and kneads on multiple acupuncture points around your head and temple area with its intelligent air pressure and multi-frequency vibration. Messaging acupuncture points can balance the meridian and energy flow of your body as a result of balancing yin and yang of your life force.

Built-in Timer:

The Head Massager‘s auto-timer offers you the convenient option of setting your massage session at 5, 10 or 15 mins interval according to your preference.

Ergonomic Design for a Perfect Fit:

The Head Massager is ergonomically designed for close and comfortable contact with your head, delivering a targeted and effective message for different head sizes. Its adjustable knobs ensure a perfect fit for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Intelligent Remote Control:

Control Head Massager at your fingertips with the LCD remote control in your hands, you can select and personalize your massage options easily and conveniently with the touch of a button.

How to Use:
What you need to do is just to wear like you wear a hat. Then Adjust according to your head size
Switch it on Regulate the intensity as per your choice (1-8 degree of intensity). Now relax and let the head messenger do its job. Turn off the power now when you feel comfortable

Size can be adjusted:
Front-end device with elastic panel,fixed card,depending on the size of the first type,for targeted massage
Back-end design with slow release,easy to remove massage,acupuncture points,with senior medical latex soft


Health Benefits:
Promotes blood circulation
Improves metabolism
Relieves pain and pressure
Enhances memory
Improves learning efficiency
Improves sleep quality
Enhances human resistance to disease and other effects


Package Included:
1 x Electric head Messenger
1 x USB interface connector
1 x Power Adapter (100~240V)

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