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Focal BP Machine & Stethoscope


Product : Focal® Combo Set
1. Focal® Sphygmomanometer (BP Machine)
2. Focal® Stethoscope
Brand: Focal®
Origin: Japan


1. Focal® Sphygmomanometer (BP Machine) :

  • This is a latex-free upper arm type analog blood pressure monitor.
  • Use the extra long tube focal original devised based on medical needs.
  • Tube length a conventional 70 cm up 40%, so now easier maneuverability of the blood pressure measurement at your hands.
  • With its own convenient storage and carry case.

Main Features:

  • Rubber is latex-free.
  • Use long tube.
  • Easy to carry case included.

Specification :

  • Size One twin size: 11 x 19 x 7 cm
  • Weight Approx. 380 g
  • Piece weight: 470 g
  • Material, material Arm band: cotton
  • Specifications Measurement range: 0 – 300 mmhg
  • Arm size: 140 x 540 mm

Focal® Stethoscope :

  • Stethoscope latex free
  • There is no worry of latex allergy caused by contact with natural rubber
  • The adoption of soft ear tips, the burden on the ear relief
  • Less pain, even for a long time
  • Made in Japan that you can rest assured
  • It is a stethoscope of general medical devices!


  • Medical equipment report number: 12B3X0003900003 [standard outline]
  • Weight about: 100g
  • Total length about: 770mm
  • Material : Chest piece / aluminum, Nonchirukaba / PVC, diaphragm / epoxy glass resin, Y-type tube / PVC, Eustachian tube / aluminum, earpiece / PVC resin
  • Storage temperature : -20 to 60 degrees
  • Item Code: Focal BP Machine & Stethoscope

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