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Flower Face Up Roller Slimming Massage


Flower Face Up Roller Massage Slimming:

Product Description-
It smiles naturally when there is a flower.
it is better used after wash face!!!
Face massage roller, can promote the blood circulation, and massage the lymph, promoting the metabolism, improving the face edema.
Open the massager and then infibulate the cheek after washing face, turn the wheels back and forth, it will reaches to good massage effect.

1. Promote face blood circulation
2. Activate skin cells metabolism. Make skin young and energetic
3. Prevent wrinkles and delay ageing
4. The Nat face with elasticity
5. It can remove the laxation and edema and make the face move.
Size: L X W X H=22cm X7cm X3cm
Weight: 110g
Roller: Nylon PP
Package: 1 X Face Up Roller Facial Massager.
 0.50 kg
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