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Electrostimulation (For Back Pain Relief)

Product: Electrostimulation (For Back Pain Relief)
Brand: Beurer
Model: EM38
Origin: Germany

- Easy to use
- Flexibly adjustable, with Velcro fastening, incl. extension belt
- Electrostimulation for back pain relief
- Targeted pain relief
- Flexible stomach belt for waist sizes from 30 to max. 55 in (75 to max. 140 cm)
- Flexible ergonomic shape
- Nonwearing contact electrodes made of conductive carbon material
- Electrodes with water contact (no contact gel, no replacement)
- LCD display with figurative symbols
- 4 training programs (25-30 min)
- Intensity adjustable from 0 to 20
- Countdown timer with remaining time
- Safety switch-off
- Pause function
- Automatic switch-off
- Key lock
- Removable control element
- Belt hand washable
- With battery changing indicator
- The device must not be used by users of cardiac pacemakers, epileptics, pregnant woman, people with cardiac arrhythmias
- Output voltage: 50V p-p for 500 Ohm load
- Output frequency: 2 - 110 Hz
- Pulse width: 60-220 µs per phase
- Pulse shape: symmetrical, biphasic square pulses
- Incl. Batteries
- Medical product

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