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Electronic Pulse Massager

Electronic Pulse Massager
Basic Specification:

  • Technical theory: pulse ,heating therapy
  • Therapy function: cervical spondylosis,periarthritis,lumbar muscles
  • 3 channel: 2 electronic pulse,1 far infrared heating
  • Pulse wave: 6 for therapy,6 for massage
  • Intensity: 6 level intensity adjustable
  • With Accessories or Not: Yes
  • Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
  • Type: Massage Equipment
  • Body Materials: ABS
  • Current Type: Inverter
  • Using Part: Body, Face, Foot, Head
  • Brief Description and Advantages:
  • It is a new technology product of bioelectric simulation by outputing electronic pulse into body
  • Hightech design of digital circuit changing into analog circuit makes the stable product performance.
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), easy to operate, 6time setting, with 6 kinds of treatment programs and 6 kinds of massage programs, recycling programs can be automatically locked or free.
  • You would feel comfortable by pasting at the right acupoint.
  • It is more convenient and accurate by using rotary buttons.
  • During the treatment of Applied Thermotherapeutic Belt, the temperature can be maintained within 35?60? meanwhile the emitted far-infrared radiation wavelength is 8?10.65?m, which is similar to the radiation wavelength of human surface (9.6?m) and is consequently easily absorbed by human body. 
  • The output spectrum is continually adjustable and the output power is large, so that you have a real feeling of massage for you.
  • No any side-effects to ease pain by physical therapy instead of medication.
  • Special Functions:
  • Effective for cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, rheumato, hyperosteogeny, neuralgia, etc.
  • Promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism.
  • Swelling, infammatory pain, relieve muscle tension
  • Far-Infrared thermotherapy: It is applicable for adjuvant treatment and health care and physical therapy for lumbocrural pain and general upset stomach, etc.
  • It is proved by the authority that JER Meridian-Collateral-Through Device provides effective health protection for various diseases of different systems within human body.
  • Item Code: Electronic Pulse Massager

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