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Beishule Massage Combination


Beishule Massage Combination 

1) Use for head,face,body
2) 5 in 1 Multifunction mini massager. Removable
massage head, Five kinds of alternative massage head,
can meet the demand of different massage.
3) The claw massage head: Foldable massage
nine claw, each claw comes with a round head massage,
will not scratch the skin and enjoy massage with comfortable feeling
4) Half spherical massage head:Use for face. 
Environmental silicone material, hemispherical head
massage, moderate hardness, suitable for the face and eyes and other delicate
skin parts used. Massage set massage kit massage combination
5) Triangle massage head:Local massage,
can massage the shoulder, abdomen and so on.
Three rounded massage head, touching the skin delicate touch, moderate intensity
6) Acupuncture points: Bead massage head
7) Accurate,Massage head of tooth profile
:Tooth head massage for head, vibration effects
can increase scalp blood circulation, promote metabolism.
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