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joypuri saree SR-2027


  • ফেব্রিক: ১০০% জয়পুরী নেট

  • ভেলভেট, সিল্ক সাটিন ও জরির কাজ রয়েছে

  • সাথে ম্যাচিং আনস্টিচড ব্লাউজপিস

  • যে কোন উৎসবে মানানসই

  • “ Cash on delivery/Condition delivery and Home delivery services are available. Partial advance is needed in case of outside dhaka cash on delivery.
    hotline- 01798078368" 

  • Item Code: SR-2027

Shipping- Cash on delivery, Home delivery, Office delivery though reputed Courier Services,............ Returns-In case of delivering wrong and defective products, we collect that products through our channel and expenses. And deliver that actual product to the customer., ;Write a Review.

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