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Training Cup Duck Bill Style 160mL


Training Cup (Duck-Bill Style) 160mL

• Prepares baby for drinking water with soft straw
• An ideal training assistant between nipple and straw
• Suitable for non-staple foods and juices w/pulp
• Soft materials do not hurt baby’s palate and gums
• Mouthpiece is broader and offers more flow than the nipple
• Liquid does not come out until baby sucks the mouthpiece
• Lid: P.C.
• Cup: P.P.
• Watertight Ring/Duck-Billed Mouthpiece: Silicone
• Skid-proof Handles: T.P.R.
Cold/heat resistance: 
• P.P./P.C./Silicone:-20°C ~ 120°C 
• T.P.R.: -20°C ~ 80°C
• 160ml (5oz)
Additional information:
Duck-Billed mouthpiece is soft silicone designed for babies. Comes with an inner rubber ring that prevents leakage. In general, the steps for training babies to drink starts from nipple, to duck-bill, to soft straw, to cup. This Duck-Billed Training Cup is designed to have 2 drinking holes, slightly larger than nipple to encourage greater flow of liquid into baby's mouth. It is specially designed to drip, assisting babies to drink with the assistance of gravity yet encourages a bit of suction to achieve the optimal amount they want to drink. Through the bit of suction effort needed from babies, it helps them to slowly develop stronger cheek muscles that can further assist them to move on to drinking from a soft straw. The age guidance printed on this product is suited for the general population, and the development of every baby varies. If your baby outgrows this training cup too fast, you might need to select another product

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