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This is a straight but simple 8” reptile animal. After the fuel battery is stimulated by the salted water, the metal magnesium plate (3PCS) can continually deliver the spider with 4-6 hours of power. You can simply take away the fuel battery module and just clean it with running water, hang and dried it. All the material applied on this toy are environment-friendly, harmless and fresh. There is no any other lethal material or waste. It does not produce heat, which makes it definitely safe for the children. Salted water battery-operated big spider provides the children one good chance learn about new model of clean energy through assembling and start to play this toy by their own.

Note: This is a educational game. Not suitable for children under 8 years. Children need to assemble all the parts to make this spider. To make it they might need some tool which can only be use under adult supervision. We are strongly encourage to the parents to help their kids to build this giant spider.

Features: Do It Yourself, energy saving.

In the box: 1 pc of salt water giant arachnoid

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